ARExcelReport 2.2

It is designed to provide an easy way to generate reports in Microsoft® Excel
2.2 (See all)
Anton Ryazanov

ARExcelReport is a Delphi component designed to provide easy way to generate reports in Microsoft® Excel. It is handy and may be used as a main or complementary reporting tool in your projects.

Main features:

- Simple report templates creation direct in MS Excel using its full formatting abilities.
- Passing data into report by different ways including named text parameters, datasets and OnTag event.
- Data tables in report.
- Conditional blocks in report template.
- Custom SQL Queries in report template.
- Data access engine-independent.
- Excel pivot tables in report.
- Direct dataset to XLS file conversion (no MS Excel required).
- Charts based on constant data area in report.
- Custom macros and interactive elements in report.

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